Murissa Barrington is a freelance writer, content creator and talent manager specializing in music, fashion, pop culture and wellness. She graduated from Humber College’s Journalism program in 2018 where she honed her writing and news reporting abilities for print, broadcast and digital media.

Since then, Murissa has gone on to work as a digital assistant for TVA publications, handling the social media accounts for both Canadian Living magazine and Style At Home magazine. There, she wrote and scheduled 25+ buzzy and engaging Twitter and Facebook posts daily, used a CMS to build and publish freelance articles, built weekly newsletters, compiled and analyzed social analytics, and contributed monthly web articles to Canadianliving.com.

Today, Murissa is actively pursuing a career in music business while also keeping in touch with her journalistic roots. She is a monthly contributor to Urbanology magazine and has bylines on Canoe.com, MNFSTO.com, LocalLove.ca and Diply.com. In her spare time, she helps to nurture and advance the careers of a few creative talents in her circle by providing them with public relations and talent management services.

As a journalist, she specializes in conducting in-depth and meaningful interviews with your favourite and up-and-coming artists. As a publicist, she recognizes her client’s unique qualities and pitches them to the public in a compelling way. Think Angie Martinez meets Yvette-Noel Schure.

Fun facts: She once ran a Toronto-dedicated hip-hop & R&B music blog called Pretty Hype TO, loves discovering new talent and is a firm believer that soca music is good for the soul.

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